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Does Car Insurance Cover Travel Trailers?

If you’re pulling a travel trailer behind your car, SUV, or pickup truck, you might not be sure what kind of insurance you need. You don’t own a recreational vehicle, but driving an average car is not the same. So, will your standard auto insurance cover the trailer? The answer is a bit more complicated than "yes" or "no."

Basic Coverage

Car insurance typically only provides liability coverage for travel trailers being pulled behind vehicles. This satisfies the legal insurance requirement and covers damage caused by your trailer in an accident. However, it won’t cover repairs to your travel trailer. Before embarking on your next vacation, it’s wise to contact your insurance agent to verify that your auto policy definitely supplies this kind of liability coverage. This insurance may be adequate if you have an older trailer with relatively little value.

RV Insurance

Although a travel trailer isn’t technically a recreational vehicle, you should consider obtaining this type of coverage. A separate RV policy is needed to cover damage caused to your trailer in a collision, and it may even be required. If you used financing to purchase your travel trailer, the lender might expect you to have RV coverage. Some basic RV policies don’t cover personal belongings inside the trailer, but you may add this coverage if desired.

Travel trailer owners in the Tampa, FL, area can rely on Morgan Insurance Services to provide the right coverage for their trailers and vehicles. Our experienced local staff will help you find an option that genuinely meets your specific needs, and it’s easy to contact us if you need information or assistance after getting insured. To reach the Morgan Insurance Services office near Tampa, FL, please call 813-345-2777 today.

Motorcycle Stats Everyone Should Know

Motorcycle Statistics and the Importance of Insurance Coverage

If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle, already own one, or are simply interested in it, you may find the following stats and facts worth noting. One critical prerequisite before hitting the road on a motorcycle is ensuring that you are adequately covered by the right insurance policy. Motorcycles, though popular and fun, can also be involved in accidents. If you require aid in selecting the right motorcycle insurance, contact Morgan Insurance Services, serving Tampa, FL.

Key Motorcycle Statistics

Motorcycles have a surprisingly long history. Invented in Germany in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, they precede cars, which were invented a year later. Today, motorcycles are immensely popular in the United States. As of January 2023, there were approximately 8.8 million registered motorcycles in the US, according to Statista. This figure represents a growth of about 1 percent from the previous year. Note that the average motorcycle gets more than 50 miles per gallon, which is significantly better than the average car.

Despite this popularity, motorcycle accidents remain a tragic reality. In recent years, accidents involving motorcycles causing injuries averaged around 80,000 per year. Although there has been a slight decline in injuries, road safety remains of utmost importance. The National Safety Council reports that while motorcycles constitute only 3% of registered vehicles on the roads, they account for 14% of traffic fatalities.

Given these facts, having the right motorcycle insurance is vital for riders. The right policy can potentially cover various areas such as property damage, medical bills, and civil suits, amongst others. It is crucial that each specific policy is reviewed thoroughly to understand what is covered and what is not. For assistance with motorcycle insurance, feel free to get in touch with Morgan Insurance Services, serving Tampa, FL.

How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect You Financially

You need all the financial protection that insurance can provide. The problem often comes when there isn’t enough coverage for something that happens. This can especially be true when it comes to medical bills. These are constantly rising, and the cost of even a non-serious injury can be incredibly high. You get a layer of liability insurance in your home and auto policies to protect you. However, this may not be as much protection as you think. If there were a severe accident or injury, the policy may not be able to pay for it all. To ensure it’s all paid, you need the protection of an umbrella policy. When you want umbrella coverage, give us a call at Morgan Insurance Services in Tampa, FL.

More Liability Coverage

An umbrella insurance policy simultaneously adds more liability coverage to your home and auto insurance policies. This means you’ll have much more of this coverage for both policies. Getting an umbrella policy is much less expensive than adding more liability protection to your home and auto policies individually. It also leaves you well-covered against several accidents that can happen. 

Accidents and Overages

If someone has an accident in your home, they may become injured. You would then have to pay for those injuries. The same is true if you cause an accident with your vehicle and someone else has injuries. After your auto or home policy has paid up to its maximum for the accident, there may be an overage of bills due. Umbrella insurance can pay those overages, so you won’t have to. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

It would be best if you had financial protection, and umbrella insurance can help. Call us at Morgan Insurance Services in Tampa, FL.

Full-Time Travelers: Specialized Insurance Needs for Full-Time RV Living

Setting out on the journey of full-time RV living unlocks unparalleled freedom and discovery. However, ensuring proper insurance coverage is essential for a seamless and stress-free nomadic lifestyle. As you embrace this distinctive way of life, Morgan Insurance Services, catering to Tampa, FL, and its surrounding areas, is poised to assist you in navigating the crucial insurance considerations tailored specifically for full-time RV travelers.

  1. Specialized RV Insurance: Seek specialized RV insurance that caters to the unique needs of full-time travelers. Look for comprehensive coverage encompassing accidents, theft, liability, and personal belongings.

  2. Full-Time Liability Coverage: Living on the road full-time demands specific liability coverage. Ensure your policy includes coverage for liabilities arising from accidents or damages caused by your RV.

  3. Enhanced Personal Property Coverage: Tailored insurance should include enhancements for personal property within your RV. Consider coverage for valuables or specialized equipment you carry as part of your full-time lifestyle.
  4. Emergency Expenses Coverage: In the event of an accident or unforeseen circumstances that render your RV uninhabitable, having coverage for emergency expenses such as temporary housing or transportation is crucial

  5. Customized Travel Insurance: Since full-time RV living involves constant travel, consider travel insurance that complements your RV policy. This coverage might include roadside assistance, towing, and additional protection specific to travel-related risks.

Discover serenity as you journey through full-time RV life in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding regions. Explore tailored insurance solutions adept at handling the intricacies of RV living, ensuring hassle-free travel. Depend on specialized coverage designed for the unique demands of your nomadic lifestyle. Get in touch with Morgan Insurance Services today and embark on your adventures.

Four reasons why you should make some changes to your motorcycle insurance coverage

As time passes, you may need to make some changes to your motorcycle insurance policy to ensure that you’re getting coverage customized to your needs. At Morgan Insurance Services, we can offer motorcyclists in Tampa, FL coverage that is just right for their unique situation.

Here are four possible reasons why you might want to make some changes to your motorcycle insurance coverage. 

You need to add or take off coverage for another rider.

Motorcycle owners need to remember that their insurance only covers their bike when riders listed on their policy are driving. If someone else regularly uses your bike and doesn’t have their own insurance coverage, make sure they’re listed on your policy. 

You’ve bought a new bike.

Your motorcycle insurance policy is specific to the bike you ride. If you get a new bike, you must update your coverage by letting your insurance provider know your bike’s year, make, and model. 

Your riding habits have changed. 

Let your insurance provider know if you’ll be keeping your bike in storage for an extended period. You can adjust your policy to offer storage coverage only until you return your bike to the roads. 

You’ve invested in a customization to your bike. 

If you get your bike customized, this could significantly increase your bike’s value. However, your insurance policy will only cover you for the value of your bike when you first insured it.

Notify your insurance provider of any customizations so that you can get your coverage amount adjusted to cover the full value of your bike. 

Get a quote on a motorcycle insurance policy from Morgan Insurance Services by calling us today. We’re here to meet your insurance needs in Tampa, FL. 

What Exactly is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance might be a new term to many people who are only familiar with the basic types of insurance like life, auto, renters, and homeowners. Here is an overview of umbrella insurance that can help you better understand what it is so you can purchase it if you decide it might be beneficial. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Also known as excess liability insurance, umbrella insurance is coverage that pays once a primary insurance plan’s limits have been reached. Umbrella insurance provides excess coverage for auto, home, and other types of insurance. For instance, if you have been sued because a newspaper delivery person slipped on your icy porch and broke their leg, then their medical bills could quickly add up costly. If their medical bills were expensive and their homeowner’s insurance was maxed out, yet there was still a balance owed, umbrella insurance would kick in and pay that money that the primary insurance didn’t pay. 

What Happens to Excess Without Umbrella Insurance?

Without umbrella insurance, if someone ever sues you for whatever reason and your regular insurance has paid the maximum amount to the victim, you’re responsible for the excess out of pocket. Since this could end up causing great financial strain, it’s always essential to have an umbrella insurance plan to accompany your other primary types of insurance, just in case. Umbrella insurance usually doesn’t cost much extra, and it can be very beneficial in case you’re ever sued and even under other circumstances. 

As you can see, umbrella insurance can be very useful. If you’re a Tampa, FL resident, and you’re considering choosing another insurance agency, Morgan Insurance Services is available to provide you with high-quality coverage. We offer umbrella insurance and any other type of coverage you might need. Give us a call or visit our office in Tampa, FL for a quote today. 


Flood Insurance and Your Mortgage: What Homebuyers Need to Know

Purchasing a home is a significant milestone in life; for many, it’s a substantial investment in Tampa, FL. When considering buying a property, especially in areas prone to flooding, understanding flood insurance and its relationship with your mortgage is crucial.

Flood Insurance: An Overview

Flood insurance is a specialized policy that covers damage to your property and belongings caused by flooding. It’s important to note that standard homeowners’ insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage, making separate flood insurance necessary. 

Flood Zones and Lender Requirements

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps these zones to assess the risk of flooding in different areas. Lenders typically require flood insurance for properties in high-risk flood zones designated as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs).

Mandatory vs. Voluntary Flood Insurance

If your property is in an SFHA and you have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender, you must carry flood insurance. However, even if your property is not in an SFHA, you may still consider purchasing flood insurance voluntarily, as flooding can occur outside designated high-risk zones.

How Flood Insurance Affects Your Mortgage

Here are the key points to understand:

  • Lender Requirement: If your property is in an SFHA, your lender will require you to obtain flood insurance before finalizing your mortgage.
  • Cost Considerations: The cost of flood insurance varies depending on factors such as the property’s location, the amount of coverage needed, and the insurance provider. 
  • Policy Renewal: Flood insurance policies need to be renewed annually. 
  • Coverage Adequacy: Your lender may require coverage up to the property’s replacement cost or the outstanding mortgage balance.

Morgan Insurance Services can Help You with Flood Insurance.

At Morgan Insurance Services, we can help answer questions concerning flood insurance. We serve the Tampa, FL area. Contact us today. 

Life Insurance as an Investment Tool

Life Insurance with a Cash Value Account Can Help You Save for the Future

Cash value account life insurance provides a death benefit to your beneficiary and a pre-tax way to build savings and investments. Let Morgan Insurance Services help you make the most of your income to save for your future while planning for your estate.

How Life Insurance with a Cash Value Account Works

Each month, you pay a premium on your life insurance. The majority of the premium pays for the policy’s death benefit. This benefit goes to your named beneficiary, such as your spouse. They might use it to pay off your Tampa, FL home or your children’s college.

A portion of the monthly premium goes to the cash value account. Some policies provide a savings account with high-yield interest. Other policies offer an investment account that pays a yield based on an index, such as the Standard and Poor’s. This account requires some time to vest, which typically takes two years. After that time, you can borrow against the balance or use it as collateral for a loan. Some policies allow you to withdraw from the balance, temporarily reducing the death benefit until you repay the funds.

Who Can Use a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy?

Once considered a product for the wealthy, the insurance industry created options for everyone. Many companies now offer this type of policy starting at a death benefit of $75,000. That puts this life insurance into a category that most people can afford.

Choosing a life insurance policy with a cash value account provides you with a pre-tax method of savings to make your Tampa, FL, salary go further. While the IRS does charge tax on withdrawals made before your death, every premium payment you make into your cash value account remains untaxed.

Contact Morgan Insurance Services

Contact Morgan Insurance Services today to learn how to get started with this hard-working life insurance that helps you in two ways. Call or email us to start your policy.

Auto Accidents: Your Responsibility Vs. The Insurance Company

When auto accidents occur in and around the Tampa, FL area, understanding the division of responsibilities between drivers and insurance companies is critical. As a driver, it is crucial to be aware of your obligations in the event of an accident while also understanding the role of your insurance company. 

Driver Responsibilities 

You have specific responsibilities to fulfill as a driver involved in an accident:

  1. Safety and Assistance: Check for injuries and provide necessary assistance. If required, call emergency services.
  2. Exchange Information: Exchange information with the other parties, including names, contact details, driver’s license numbers, and insurance information. 
  3. Document the Accident: Take photos or videos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage and any relevant road conditions. 
  4. Report the Accident: Notify your insurance company promptly about the accident, providing accurate details. 

Insurance Company Responsibilities 

Insurance companies also have vital roles to play after an auto accident:

  1. Claims Investigation: Insurance companies initiate an investigation to determine the cause and extent of the damage. This investigation may involve assessing the accident scene, speaking with involved parties and witnesses, and reviewing evidence.
  2. Coverage Determination: Insurance companies review the policy to determine the extent of the coverage applicable. Factors such as liability, deductibles, and policy limits are considered during this process.
  3. Claims Handling: Insurance companies handle the processing and settlement of claims. They work with all parties involved to assess damages, negotiate settlements, and arrange repairs or compensation as per the policy terms.
  4. Legal Assistance: When legal action arises from an accident, insurance companies may provide legal representation or work with external legal experts to protect their policyholders’ interests.

How Morgan Insurance Services Can Help You

At Morgan Insurance Services, we can answer all your questions concerning auto insurance coverage. We assist the Tampa, FL region. Contact us today

Tips to prepare your house for a storm

As storm season approaches here in the Tampa, FL area, ensuring your house is adequately prepared is essential. Here are some tips from us at Morgan Insurance Services to help you prepare: 

  1. Clean out your gutters and downspouts – Make sure that any debris in the gutters is cleared away, as this can cause water to back up against the roof and walls during heavy rainfalls. 
  2. Repair any damaged siding or roofing – Check that all your shingles are secure and that any loose boards or siding are properly nailed down. Caulk around windows and doors to help keep moisture from seeping into the house’s interior. 
  3. Trim trees and shrubs – Trimming dead branches off trees is essential for reducing potential damage from wind and reducing the chances of them falling on your home if a storm causes strong winds. 
  4. Store outdoor items safely – Bring patio furniture, potted plants, toys, etc., inside before a storm hits, or store them in a shed or garage if available. 
  5. Know where your main electrical switch is located – It’s wise to know how to shut off power in case of an outage caused by a storm or other emergency situation. 

Following these tips from us at Morgan Insurance Services ensures you are better prepared for storms this season! At Morgan Insurance Services, we are proud to serve the Tampa, FL area and would be happy to help you find a homeowner’s insurance policy that meets your needs and your budget.