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Adjusting the specifics of your auto insurance policy

An auto insurance policy contains a number of specific types of coverage in case of losses or accidents. You can speak to an agent at Morgan Insurance Services to learn more about what types of additional coverage will work best for you.


Policies have liability for a certain monetary amount, and this type of coverage is required in each state. This is meant to protect the policyholder and others if there is a lawsuit or other financial losses that must be covered. It is required by law because the government has an interest in protecting its citizens and property. Purchasing a greater amount of liability coverage means that you will have the insurance company pay out greater amounts on your behalf after an accident so that you do not have to pay out of pocket. 

Deductibles for collisions

Depending on the deductible amount, paying out of pocket for repairs can be a huge expense after an accident. This is why it is advisable for some drivers to adjust their deductible for a lower amount and pay directly into the policy. This is especially true for newer or more expensive cars that may cost more to repair. If a car is older, there is also the option of taking collision insurance off of the policy completely for the savings. 

Uninsured persons, third parties, and other protections

Most insurance companies will also offer additional coverage for accidents involving those without insurance, or others who may be affected. These can be added or removed as necessary.

Get help changing a policy today

To learn more about changing the specifics of your policy, contact an agent at Morgan Insurance Services. They will provide more specific information about changing or updating a policy.