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RV’s in Rented Campground Sites

It’s summertime, and you’ve rented out a lot at the local campground site in Tampa, FL for your RV. You have RV insurance, so there’s no need to worry in case anything happens, right? 

Well, campground insurance and RV park insurance differ from regular RV insurance. While recreational vehicles may be covered under your traditional auto insurance policy, it is best to have RV insurance anyway to help protect you from recreational vehicle or travel trailer risks in Tampa, FL.

RV coverage depends on you and your specific needs. Morgan Insurance Services’ RV insurance is made up of several types of coverage plans to help protect you and your RV from different risks and particular situations. Coverage in RV insurance include:

  • Liability insurance –  The state of Florida requires liability insurance for all registered vehicles. 
  • Comprehensive – Covers non-collision related incidents, such as fire or theft.
  • Collision – Covers repairs or replacement of your RV after a collision.
  • Vacation liability – Helps with the costs of others’ injuries or property damage. 
  • Roadside assistance – In case of mechanical issues on the road.

But what happens if you’re camping or you’re on vacation?

In the state of Florida, insurance companies can offer vacation liability. Just like standard RV liability insurance, vacation liability coverage helps with the costs of other’s injuries or property damage. However, this coverage is meant for only you when someone gets hurt, or property gets damaged due to your RV being used for vacation purposes, as opposed to being used on the road.

So, contact Morgan Insurance Services today and let us help you go on your next camping trip with a little more peace of mind!