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How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect You Financially

You need all the financial protection that insurance can provide. The problem often comes when there isn’t enough coverage for something that happens. This can especially be true when it comes to medical bills. These are constantly rising, and the cost of even a non-serious injury can be incredibly high. You get a layer of liability insurance in your home and auto policies to protect you. However, this may not be as much protection as you think. If there were a severe accident or injury, the policy may not be able to pay for it all. To ensure it’s all paid, you need the protection of an umbrella policy. When you want umbrella coverage, give us a call at Morgan Insurance Services in Tampa, FL.

More Liability Coverage

An umbrella insurance policy simultaneously adds more liability coverage to your home and auto insurance policies. This means you’ll have much more of this coverage for both policies. Getting an umbrella policy is much less expensive than adding more liability protection to your home and auto policies individually. It also leaves you well-covered against several accidents that can happen. 

Accidents and Overages

If someone has an accident in your home, they may become injured. You would then have to pay for those injuries. The same is true if you cause an accident with your vehicle and someone else has injuries. After your auto or home policy has paid up to its maximum for the accident, there may be an overage of bills due. Umbrella insurance can pay those overages, so you won’t have to. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

It would be best if you had financial protection, and umbrella insurance can help. Call us at Morgan Insurance Services in Tampa, FL.