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Does Car Insurance Cover Travel Trailers?

If you’re pulling a travel trailer behind your car, SUV, or pickup truck, you might not be sure what kind of insurance you need. You don’t own a recreational vehicle, but driving an average car is not the same. So, will your standard auto insurance cover the trailer? The answer is a bit more complicated than "yes" or "no."

Basic Coverage

Car insurance typically only provides liability coverage for travel trailers being pulled behind vehicles. This satisfies the legal insurance requirement and covers damage caused by your trailer in an accident. However, it won’t cover repairs to your travel trailer. Before embarking on your next vacation, it’s wise to contact your insurance agent to verify that your auto policy definitely supplies this kind of liability coverage. This insurance may be adequate if you have an older trailer with relatively little value.

RV Insurance

Although a travel trailer isn’t technically a recreational vehicle, you should consider obtaining this type of coverage. A separate RV policy is needed to cover damage caused to your trailer in a collision, and it may even be required. If you used financing to purchase your travel trailer, the lender might expect you to have RV coverage. Some basic RV policies don’t cover personal belongings inside the trailer, but you may add this coverage if desired.

Travel trailer owners in the Tampa, FL, area can rely on Morgan Insurance Services to provide the right coverage for their trailers and vehicles. Our experienced local staff will help you find an option that genuinely meets your specific needs, and it’s easy to contact us if you need information or assistance after getting insured. To reach the Morgan Insurance Services office near Tampa, FL, please call 813-345-2777 today.