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Florida classic-car insurance coverage

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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are a common hobby among those residing in or around FL. Many find these cars to reflect upon an era that is only found in history books and museums. Owning these cars allow these owners to carry a piece of that time with them. Some classic car owners desire a beautiful model car that falls into that classic category with a retired model. No matter what the reason for owning a classic car, the value and your investment are enough to purchase a classic car insurance policy from Morgan Insurance Services.

Agreed Upon Value

When you meet with your agent at Morgan Insurance Services, you can negotiate and determine a value that is agreed upon by both you and the insurance company. This is to prepare for an accident and if your classic car is damaged beyond repair. This means that you have considered the market value for the vehicle in addition to the time, parts, and renovation costs that you have invested to restore the car to its original state.

Upgraded Roadside Assistance

While many standard policies offer roadside assistance, they often only allow the standard and minimal towing service for the insured vehicle. For classic cars, this can do more damage than good when trying to transport them should they break down anywhere outside of FL. Enjoy upgraded assistance such as flatbed towing that safely moves the car from one place to another.

Security and Safety

Many owners of classic cars are not in it for cash but emotions. The peace of mind knowing that something you are sentimental with is protected can go a long way for a classic car owner. If you currently do not carry classic car insurance while residing in Florida, contact one of our agents at Morgan Insurance Services today for more information.


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