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Florida flood insurance coverage

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Flood Insurance

Flood insurance covers losses sustained by water damages as a result of flooding. Cases of flooding in Florida are on the rise due to the geographical position of the state and the nearness to water bodies. At Morgan Insurance Services in FL, we offer flood insurance packages that are separate from a homeowner’s insurance policy. Here are more details on our flood insurance coverage.

What Does Preferred Partners Flood Insurance Cover?

We mostly cater to physical losses caused by floods in Florida. We also consider losses that are as a result of flood-related erosions which might be as a result of severe storms, flash floods or high waves.

We offer a package that protects two types of properties. This includes the structure of one’s home and the content in it. The coverage of the physical structure mostly includes the foundation, air systems, furnace, water heaters, and permanently installed carpets over the unfinished floors, electrical and plumbing. When it comes to contents inside your home, we cover washers and dryers, electronics, portable microwaves, and air conditioners, clothing, dishwashers, and the carpeting.

What are the state requirement cases considered when one is filing for a flood insurance cover?

Here are some of the cases we consider to ensure your claim is successful.

  • Rapid and unusual sum up or runoff from any water surfaces from any sources
  • Any instances of an overflow of tidal and inland waters
  • Any instances of subsidence of land along the shores of water bodies as a result of erosions or water currents
  • Mudslide cases as a result of floods

The flooding should cover at least two acres of land or two premises.

Where can one get a flood insurance coverage?

We are the perfect company that can offer a suitable flood insurance cover. Reach out to Morgan Insurance Services today and learn more about our flood insurance coverage! One can visit our agents in FL to get a quote or gain more information about us.


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