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Four reasons why you should make some changes to your motorcycle insurance coverage

As time passes, you may need to make some changes to your motorcycle insurance policy to ensure that you’re getting coverage customized to your needs. At Morgan Insurance Services, we can offer motorcyclists in Tampa, FL coverage that is just right for their unique situation.

Here are four possible reasons why you might want to make some changes to your motorcycle insurance coverage. 

You need to add or take off coverage for another rider.

Motorcycle owners need to remember that their insurance only covers their bike when riders listed on their policy are driving. If someone else regularly uses your bike and doesn’t have their own insurance coverage, make sure they’re listed on your policy. 

You’ve bought a new bike.

Your motorcycle insurance policy is specific to the bike you ride. If you get a new bike, you must update your coverage by letting your insurance provider know your bike’s year, make, and model. 

Your riding habits have changed. 

Let your insurance provider know if you’ll be keeping your bike in storage for an extended period. You can adjust your policy to offer storage coverage only until you return your bike to the roads. 

You’ve invested in a customization to your bike. 

If you get your bike customized, this could significantly increase your bike’s value. However, your insurance policy will only cover you for the value of your bike when you first insured it.

Notify your insurance provider of any customizations so that you can get your coverage amount adjusted to cover the full value of your bike. 

Get a quote on a motorcycle insurance policy from Morgan Insurance Services by calling us today. We’re here to meet your insurance needs in Tampa, FL.