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Why Renters Insurance Makes a Great Off-to-College Gift

Heading off to college is an exciting time. For young folks, it’s often the first time leaving the nest. However, leaving home also comes with some risks. A homeowner’s insurance policy may cover family members in some circumstances, but often the coverage is limited. Providing renters insurance is a great way to reduce risks for kids leaving the nest. Contact Morgan Insurance Services, which serves the greater Tampa, FL area, to discuss coverage options.

Renters’ insurance can provide additional protection during a variety of events. That said, it is essential to read each rental insurance policy to understand what is and is not covered. It’s also wise to talk with an insurance agent who can help you better understand any given policy.

Let’s look at how rental insurance can benefit loved ones heading off to college.

The Benefits of Rental Insurance for College Students

Sometimes, a parent’s homeowner’s insurance may provide some coverage for students, especially if they live on campus. However, these policies typically don’t cover kids if they live off campus. When students rent an apartment off campus, taking out renters insurance like any other rentee is smart.

What is covered will vary from plan to plan. However, renters can obtain coverage to protect against many different things. For example, you can take out policies that reimburse you if someone breaks into your apartment and steals personal belongings, such as a laptop.

It’s also possible to get coverage for personal liability. If someone gets hurt at your (or your child’s apartment), say by tripping on the steps, you may be liable. With the right rental insurance plans, this liability may be covered.

Contact Morgan Insurance Services, which services the Tampa, FL metro area and beyond, to discuss renter’s insurance options.