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Steps to Prepare Your Home For a Hurricane

We are coming out of Hurricane season in Tampa, FL. During this time, you should re-evaluate your Hurricane preparedness plan and make sure that your property is properly insured against damage from a Hurricane. Florida’s law requires property insurance to cover damage caused by Hurricane force winds, but it doesn’t necessarily have to include flood damage. If you are not sure what type of policy you have, contact an agent at Morgan Insurance Services today, and we can help assist you in making sure you have the full coverage of your property needs.

Even if you have insurance to cover loss or damage, you should still take some steps and precautions to protect your home from a hurricane.

  1. Make a list and take pictures of all belongings in your home and keep it in a safe, waterproof place. This will help you file a claim if necessary.
  2. Use sandbags to protect your home from flooding.
  3. Bring in loose and lightweight items from outside that could be thrown around in high winds. Such items could be patio furniture and garbage cans.
  4. If an object can’t be brought inside for safety reasons, make sure you anchor it down. This could be a propane tank or a small garden shed.
  5. Trim branches or remove trees that are close to your house to avoid them from falling onto it.
  6. Cover your windows by either boarding them up with plywood that fits to the size of your window or by installing storm shutters.

Having insurance and taking these necessary precautions will help you during a storm. For more information, contact a Tampa, FL agent at Morgan Insurance Services today, so we can make sure you have peace of mind and are fully covered for whatever happens.