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Thinking About Getting a Dog? What to Know About Pet Insurance

When you’re buying a dog, one of the things that you have to consider is how you’ll pay for their medical care. Pets need medical care just like people, and medical care can become very expensive when you don’t have pet insurance.

At Morgan Insurance Services, servicing Tampa, FL, we help homeowners find pet insurance to take care of their beloved animals. Our pet insurance policies can make medical care for your pet more affordable. 

Pet Insurance Pays for Various Types of Pet Medical Care

Pet insurance is very similar to health insurance for people. Depending on the policy parameters, pet insurance pays for various types of pet medical care. 

Some Policies Cover Accidents Only, Others Cover Illness

One of the most common types of pet insurance policies is one that covers accidental injuries only. For example, if your dog is scratched by a fence and needs stitches, the pet insurance policy may cover the medical bills related to the scratches. 

Some types of pet insurance cover accidents and illnesses. These policies are more expensive, but they can help cover illnesses that come up while your pet is insured. 

You Can Add On Wellness Care

Preventative care and wellness checks are not usually covered by pet insurance policies, but they can be covered through a policy add-on. Talk to your insurance agent if you would like to have this added to your policy. 

Shop Around

Want a pet insurance policy for your new dog? Shop around. At Morgan Insurance Services, servicing Tampa, FL, we help pet owners find the best pet insurance policies at reasonable rates. Call today.