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5 Steps to Creating a Home Inventory

A home inventory will enable you to keep track of the valuable goods you own. If a fire or other disaster befalls your home, your inventory will make it easier to make a claim on your home insurance. The following steps from Morgan Insurance Services can help you inventory your belongings to create accurate documentation of your goods.  

  1. Walk through every room of your Tampa, FL home to get an idea of the items you own. With pen and paper in hand, start making a list of your valuables, both in and out of your home. To simplify your inventory, consider listing items according to the room they’re in.
  2. Take pictures or a video of valuable items and write a description of each to include the make, model, serial number, condition, and cost. If you have receipts for your valuable goods, these should be collected and stored with your inventory.
  3. Items like original artwork or family heirlooms should be appraised for their current value. Keep this appraisal with your inventory to corroborate the importance of these items.
  4. When possible, transfer your list to your computer so you’ll have a digital copy along with your paper one. Store your inventories in a separate location (or in the cloud) for greater safety in the event of a disaster in your home.
  5. Update your home inventory as needed, particularly after making costly purchases. At the same time, delete any items you no longer own to keep your list as current as possible.
  6. If you work from home, include business equipment in your inventory so you’ll have a record of these items.

A home inventory can help you purchase accurate home insurance coverage as you’ll have a better idea of the value of your goods. To purchase a policy for your Tampa, FL home, contact us at Morgan Insurance Services.