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What is umbrella insurance and why do I need it?

When you live in the Tampa, FL area, you get used to rain. It can come down hard and fast, and an umbrella is something that can be very useful to keep from getting drenched. An umbrella insurance policy offers your finances the same type of protection. At Morgan Insurance Services, providing you with insurance information is what we do best, and we are happy to explain what umbrella insurance is and how it could be of benefit to you. 

Umbrella insurance is excess liability insurance. Unlike other insurance policies, you can not purchase an umbrella policy unless you already have another insurance policy, such as home or auto insurance. What the umbrella policy will do is extend the limit of the policy that you already have. With judgments going through the roof, if you have a legal suit filed against you, an umbrella insurance policy adds an additional layer of protection above the limits that you already have. 

The liability limits on most home and auto insurance can be quite basic, you can opt to raise them within the original policy, but this does not give you the level of security that an umbrella policy provides at a very reasonable price. An umbrella policy can also help to pay for the legal fees that can arise from a claim or judgment against you. A typical umbrella policy will add between one and five million dollars in additional liability protection. If you have assets, this can provide the peace of mind that you are looking for. 

At Morgan Insurance Services in Tampa, FL, our team is here to provide the information that you need to make an informed decision about the benefits of umbrella insurance to your overall financial plans. We welcome you to stop by our office or give us a call to make an appointment to sit down together.